Riveting Web

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1. The act of fastening sections together; ensuring firm construction.
2. Wholly fascinating, absorbing one's attention; impossible to ignore.

This is Riveting Web Design

We construct websites uniquely tuned to your specifications. It might be as simple as a glossy web gallery, or as complex as a business-to-business portal. No job is too small, and (almost) no job is too big. Design Gallery? Ecommerce? User Community? Multimedia? Customer Relationship Management?

If you can envision it, we can build it.

Marketing Campaigns: Your Site, Seen

The internet makes it easier than ever to target precise niches with your products and services. We can help you identify them, find them, and keep them coming back. Ratings, reviews and forums can create immersive user experiences. And timely, targeted email campaigns can get the right information to the right people at the right time. We can also show you how to utilize social networking and viral marketing, and to coordinate all of this with AdWords and other text ad tools.

Search Engine Optimization Done Right

There is no shortage of promises for increased traffic based on tricks and "gimmicky" software. We prefer to build sites from the ground up with search engines in mind. It all begins with the content. We help you to analyze your competitors and identify your keywords. Then we help you shape and create the content to ensure that your site shines through to your intended audience. And our clean, purposeful design techniques make your pages friendly and accessible to search engines and aggregators.


Hosting is available at competitive rates, with unmatched service. Unlimited email and ftp accounts, free technical support.

Call or email for details on pricing and packaging.